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Soft Skills Apps

Want to draw Millennial and iGen talent you need for your future?


Want to enhance best customer service practices to increase sales? 

  • Use our soft skills apps

  • Keep these apps free by purchasing our book and sharing it and these apps with your network

Here's how it works:

  • The apps are housed in one universal app via a menu bar, linked to in the phone image

  • To put the app on your phone or other mobile device:

    • Select the phone image to go to the app link

    • Follow your device's instructions to add the webpage to your home screen, which will convert it into an app that will operate without ads

  • The apps can be used autonomous from any of our training

  • The apps work best as a follow-up to our training, whether that training be from the book, speaking, eLearning, live training, coaching (live or phone), or a combination thereof

  • The apps allow for continual, on-demand support to reinforce the sales and customer service you and your team want

  • The apps provide you insight into our content and techniques

  • Have ideas for other apps or content we should add to our current ones? Email us

    • We can add content and apps real time, connecting changes directly to the app on your device--you never need to search for updates and the app will never need to update

  • The purpose of each app is explained on an introduction screen when you launch it

Current Apps:

  • Answering the Phone​​​​

       The ideal technique for answering the phone is shared and explained.           Using it ensures you control the conversation, which is the means to             provide optimal customer service, increasing sales while you properly           service customers. You can literally display the scripting on your                   device to reference while on calls.

  • Suggestive Sales Tables - Parts & Service

       Selling related parts is imperative for both our and our customers'

       success--few things are as frustrating as replacing something like a

       radiator, only to see your vehicle go down for essentially the same

       repair because you didn't change your hoses at the same time. A table

       of related parts ensures this does not happen. Particularly useful for

       newbies to the industry. There are two tables, one for truck and one

       for bus.

  • Say it Better

       Once a dealer gave us a list of phrases they heard their team say (like           "That's not my job" or "I haven't looked up that part"), asking us to train         them to choose better phrasing. More and more dealers made the                 same request, growing the list. We compiled, and continue to compile,           all the phrases along with suggested, better alternatives.

  • The Real Question

       Whenever a prospect or customer asks us ​a question, there is another         question behind it. That, known as the "real" question, is the one we               must identify and answer. To do so, we must ask a question in reply.             This app shares many common questions we get, which question we             should ask in return, and the question most likely to be the real                       question.

We also offer 2 technical apps, which are revolutionary and vary, contingent upon your department, specific schematics, etc. Again, email us to discuss.

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