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57 modules compiled into 13 courses, laid out in development programs for every role in your dealership. This training comprises the best soft skills content available. Courses viewable with or without an LMS, on all mobile devices, and in any browser. Learn below which option is best for you and see samples. Contact us for details, or to outsource your eLearning design or management to us. 

 2.Have an LMS? 

Buy courses directly from us to put onto your LMS. We can also design courses, including technical ones, for you upon request. Best for companies with own LMS, such as:

  • Rush

  • Ford

We can add your company to our LMS, or set up and manage one for you. Either way, you will be given the ability to add and remove staff, run reports, add content, etc. For companies who don't have an LMS and want to monitor learning.

You can purchase courses from us and host each as a webpage on your site, or in a shared folder on your network. This gives you full control without the additional cost of an LMS.


YOU CAN TRACK USERS WITHOUT AN LMS. We'll show you how and set up the courses for it. (Complete list of courses here.)

 3.Use us for LMS 

 4. No LMS  

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