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There is no doubt that Ian Coburn is most at home on stage, speaking or training. (Click the slideshow for a promo clip.) As a comedian in the 90's, he performed thousands of shows. As a speaker and trainer, he has appeared another thousand times.

Ian speaks and trains on virtually every soft skill and eLearning. Speaking rates vary and length can be from thirty minutes to a multiple-day seminar. Contact Ian directly for rates and see below for a training agenda. We will work with you to curtail the message to meet your needs. 


Our most popular training is a 4-hour session, rotated among your staff. In this manner, we enable you to continue to serve customers. Trainings are inundated with role playing, interactive activities and even contacting live prospects in other industries to practice skills learned.


 See Our 4-Hour Training Agenda


The agenda above also points out which topics can be trained alone, in as little as thirty minutes. Intense trainings of up to two weeks with weekly follow-up calls are also available, as is the ability to consult for you to create an in-house development program.

"Training isn't an investment in your company or staff's success. It's an investment in your customers' success." - Ian Coburn

When your customers are successful, you and your team will achieve maximum success.

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