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Answering the Phone - "A game changer." - Dealer, September 2018 (contact us for details)


Includes live training, 2 courses comprised of 7 modules, a customer simulation test, and a test. Trackable with or without an LMS; viewable on mobile devices and computers. Also includes editable blank scripts and printable sample scripts.


Purchase includes:

  • Permanent ownership for your use (at ALL your locations; cost is NOT a fee per location)
  • Free updates every 2 years to latest content, if edits made
  • Your logo (if desired)
  • Email(s) of your choice for tracking
  • LMS format (if applicable)
  • 2 hours of set up and implementation consulting
  • 2 hours of live webinar training


Introduction - Course

  1. Introduction & GPA Culture (free version on the site)
  2. Manager Introduction


Answering the Phone - Course

  1. Soft Skills Introduction
  2. Customer Service (free version on the site with an accompanying free app--use the app!)
  3. Disgruntled Callers
  4. Transfer & Hold Calls
  5. Completing the Call
  • Test


When using a credit card for over a $500 purchase, you may want to notify your bank prior to the purchase to be certain transaction will go through.

Answering the Phone - eLearning Course & Live Training

  • After purchase, you will be contacted at the email you provide to get pertinent details for your product--i.e. the email(s) you want used for tracking module completion, the logo you want used (if any), etc.


    You will also be sent a licensing contract to finalize your purchase, which cannot be completed until we speak with you about details, such as the aforementioned ones. 

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